Risk planning

Protecting your income, investments and wealth from the impacts of an unexpected event

If your investment and wealth creation strategy relies on your ability to earn an income, your and your family’s future financial security could be severely jeopardised if you suffered an accident or illness – or died prematurely.

At Markiewicz & Co. we believe that risk planning and wealth protection are an essential component of any effective financial plan. Similarly, it’s important to ensure that the level of protection is adequate, and reviewed regularly to ensure it keeps pace with changes in your income, life situation and the value of your assets.

Our approach to risk planning mirrors every other step of our methodology: It’s individual and tailored to meet your circumstances and needs. Different life-stages, professions, wealth structures or family compositions all warrant distinct approaches and solutions.

Risk planning that goes beyond insurance cover

When developing your financial plan, your Markiewicz & Co. adviser will include recommendations for various types of insurance. These are essential to minimise the financial impact of an accident or illness – such as by providing you with an income whilst unable to work.

However risk planning and wealth protection also includes strategies such as ensuring you have an up-to-date Will and a personal succession plan in place, or that your business is structured to protect your assets in situations such as bankruptcy or divorce, or to ensure its smooth transition to family members or business partners in the event of your death.

For more information on specific risk protection measures, please read the insurance pages or download our Wealth Protection brochure.

Protect your wealth and your peace of mind

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