Strategic Financial Advice

A highly personal approach to financial advice

At Markiewicz & Co. we develop tailored financial planning solutions based on your requirements and circumstances. We act in a clear and transparent manner and provide you with objective, individual advice that extends through to product recommendations.

Our approach is forward thinking and centred on building long-term, sustainable client relationships based on trust. We endeavour to understand every relevant aspect of your situation, rather than just solely focussing on your current financial position. Our aim is to constantly find the best solutions for every challenge – solutions that reflect your personal values, your family structure and your desired legacy. And most importantly, solutions that will help you achieve your financial goals.

Similarly, we understand that everyone’s situation is different and that personal circumstances, requirements, expectations and goals can change over time, as do market conditions, rules and regulations. And when this occurs, we work with you to modify your plan to ensure you’re still on track to achieve your desired goals.

Investing in a rapidly changing world

A great deal of today’s investment landscape is characterised by unprecedented volatility where many investors have been forced to navigate unfamiliar waters. So what will tomorrow bring?

While Markiewicz & Co. financial advice is the result of thorough research, critical analysis and perceptive insights, we believe that future investment success requires more. That’s why we have developed the Nextrend research approach.

The insights derived from Nextrend thinking and analysis enable us to develop long-term investment strategies that take into account the consequences of rapid and ongoing changes to prosperity, people and the planet. For example, it assists us to:

  • Identify new opportunities that may currently be masked by adversity
  • Realign existing strategies to take advantage of dramatic shifts in the balance of power and influence between economic regions
  • Better assess the economic potential of new technologies and innovations.

Comprehensive, personalised financial advice and wealth management strategies

Markiewicz & Co. financial advice can assist you:

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