Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners

Helping promising new enterprises to grow, increase and expand

Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners provides private equity investment to promising new companies at start-up phase, leveraging the favourable risk to reward dynamics that exist for early-stage investment.

Our approach is partnership-based and follows a structured and systematic methodology that utilises carefully developed investment criteria and investment strategies. We seek to find the capital required by such fledgling organisations, not simply from a financial perspective, but also in terms of the human, intellectual and technological capital required to take them to future success.

Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners adheres to the firm’s overall principle of providing tailored solutions that meet individual needs, and our private equity investments are undertaken with a view to the long-term. This means, when an enterprise we have funded begins to grow, we may also source the additional capital required for expansion, based on a continual evaluation of its performance and potential.

From time to time, selected Markiewicz & Co. private clients may be invited to consider participation in such private equity investments.


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