Investment strategies for a rapidly changing world

With much of today’s investment landscape characterised by unprecedented volatility, and many investors forced to navigate unfamiliar waters, Markiewicz & Co. has developed the Nextrend research to help us identify tomorrow’s areas of growth and prosperity. It also enables us to build long-term investment strategies for our clients that take into account the consequences of rapid and ongoing changes to prosperity, the planet and people.

These three structural themes are interlinked and the response delivered by organisations to the challenges they present will progressively exert greater influence on financial performance and shareholder returns.

Tomorrow’s investment opportunities

Markiewicz & Co. Nextrend research is a valuable tool in negotiating the complexities and risks of a rapidly changing world. Such thinking and analysis will help us to discover exciting opportunities that may currently be masked by adversity; realign our strategies to take advantage of dramatic shifts in the balance of power and influence between economic regions; and assist in better assessing the economic potential of new technologies and innovations.

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Nextrend Prosperity

Nextrend Planet

Nextrend People

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