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Understanding the role of well-being as an indicator for societal progress

Markiewicz & Co. Nextrend People examines the forces at work in a society – including urbanisation, lifestyles, living conditions, education, governance and civic engagement – that can provide insights into investment opportunities for the future, and bring to light previously unforeseen risks and challenges.

The following are some of the factors we consider when looking at future investment opportunities.

A level playing field

Globalisation and the ubiquitous nature of the Internet are enabling many more people to have widespread access to the same goods, services and information. As a result, geographic divisions and cultural differences are increasingly unimportant in an integrated global marketplace. Similarly, the obstacles to equal competition for both business and individuals are constantly being lowered.

Constant connection

While access to technology and information will be key to more rapid advances in developing nations, the power of social networks in an ‘always-on always-connected’ world will open up new opportunities for companies that are nimble and able to stay abreast of the wave, but create serious challenges for those unable to adapt to this paradigm of constant change.

Lives lived longer

One of the biggest future impacts embraced by the Nextrend People theme is the emergence of a vast and growing group of healthy and wealthy retirees. While an ageing population will increase the fiscal burden on governments, the significant segment of self-funded and independent older people creates many exciting commercial opportunities for companies and investors with vision.

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