Climate Change

Long-term rewards from addressing the hard issues

In the political and financial arenas, the pursuit of short term gains often outweighs a more considered long term approach to important issues that may require brave decision making and structural reforms, both of which are often accompanied by initial periods of discomfort.

The Markiewicz & Co. Nextrend approach examines such concerns including: the fiscal burden of caring for an ageing society; the growth of sovereign debt; the impact of a globalised world without barriers on traditional notions of trade – and many more, such as climate change.

After decades of debate and division, questions of environmental sustainability are now increasingly being addressed in developed countries by a variety of government policies including carbon-pricing mechanisms. Today, climate change has become a serious topic in many boardrooms. However issues such as the lack of a unified approach to policy making across different economic regions, and the varying levels of corporate disclosure regarding carbon risk, present considerable challenges to investors.

At the same time, climate change policies give rise to vast opportunities for businesses focused on a clean energy future, as well as for the investors prepared to provide their support.

As a Markiewicz & Co. private client, we will keep you updated on issues such as this, and where appropriate assist you in making investment decisions that capitalise on the new green economy, while at the same time building a sustainable future for generations to come.

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