About Markiewicz & Co

A leading Australian investment management and financial advisory firm

Markiewicz & Co. is one of Australia’s leading full service investment management and financial advisory firms. Our experienced advisers specialise in developing tailored wealth management solutions and individual investment strategies that are focussed on achieving each client’s financial objectives.

We work with private family investors seeking to secure their financial future and leave a legacy for future generations; provide investment products, trade execution services and specialist financial products and services to institutional investors and large commercial firms; and help find funding for carefully vetted small start-ups (as well as temper their dreams with the realities of entrepreneurship).

Our services and expertise covers the following broad areas:

Wealth management

The increasingly complex and constantly changing nature of legal and tax systems around the world requires wealth management strategies to be continually monitored and optimised. At Markiewicz & Co, understanding the global economic environment is a key component of our wealth management advice, which also takes into consideration your current life situation and future needs. Our wealth management services include:

Investment services

The Markiewicz & Co. Investment Advisory service enables clients to support their own investment decision-making with either a full-service Investment Advisory Mandate or a Tailored Investment Mandate. Both these mandates provide access to proactive and comprehensive investment advice, support and guidance. If you prefer to delegate your investment decision making, we also offer a Discretionary Mandate service whereby we monitor your holdings and make the investment decisions on your behalf, based on a jointly defined investment strategy.

Markiewicz & Co. investment products include: equities, options, futures, foreign exchange, fixed interest, investment funds, structured products, and margin lending.

Portfolio administration

The Markiewicz & Co. Portfolio Administration Service is a comprehensive wealth management service available only to private clients that provides portfolio administration and reporting across a wide range of asset classes. The service incorporates investment advice, trade execution and access to research, helping you make more informed investment decisions.

While you appoint us to administer your investment portfolio, you retain all decision-making authority


With our forward thinking, Nextrend approach to the global economy and investment environment, Markiewicz & Co. conducts ongoing research to identify emerging trends and assess their future impacts. Our analysts develop region- and sector-specific strategies based on our unique and insightful investment viewpoint. Where required, we supplement our extensive internal research resources with the insights and findings of leading external research providers. Importantly, as an independent Australian-owned investment management firm, Markiewicz & Co is not influenced by institutional ownership.

Our Macro View blog provides critical insights economic trends and the psychology of the market that will assist you plan long-term investment strategies based on where the market is heading, rather than providing hindsight about where it has been.


The Markiewicz & Co corporate team offers access to deep expertise in developing specialised investment opportunities across all asset classes and industry sectors, and assists clients with IPOs and capital raisings. Eligible clients who qualify as Experienced or Sophisticated investors may be invited to take part in high-level investor programs, as well as offered access to an even wider range of investment options.

Through Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners we arrange private equity investment for promising new companies at start-up phase, leveraging the favourable risk to reward dynamics that exist for early-stage investment.

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To find out more about Markiewicz & Co's services, or to contact an adviser, please call us on 1300 276 112 or fill out the form below.


To find out more about Markiewicz & Co's services, or to contact an adviser, please call us on 1300 276 112 or fill out the form below.