Management of structures

Wealth management and financial planning for business owners and their families

Many business owners are constantly faced with a myriad of different challenges associated with family and business, while at the same time needing to manage a wide variety of complex assets and liabilities.

For such people, forward planning aimed at achieving optimal results is crucial to every stage of the business life cycle. In addition, it is important to carefully consider the wealth planning options available when either selling a business, or passing on its management to another family member.

Asset protection and effective tax management

Markiewicz & Co. works together with experts in areas such as tax, law and governance to assist business owners develop appropriate strategies to protect their personal and business assets. For example, in addition to having adequate insurances, certain types of business may warrant the establishment of a separate entity (or trust) to hold high-value assets such as machinery and equipment or intellectual property. This type of strategy may be valuable where a business operates in a highly litigious field.

Likewise, we advise on the appropriateness of different business structures and ensure that effective tax management strategies are in place. We also work with business owners to develop the financial and operational processes that are required to achieve a balance between business and family life.

For more information on certain structures, please read our trusts or self-managed superannuation funds pages.

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