Cash flow management

Maximising your available cash to build future wealth

Whether you derive your income from a salary, business, shares, trust fund or even pension, realistic budgeting and prudent cash flow management are fundamental components of building future wealth.

The cash you have available after expenses can be put to work and invested. Therefore, freeing up cash through reducing expenses and bad debt (such as credit card interest) can provide additional funds that can be directed toward wealth creation.

As poorly managed cash flows adversely affect wealth accumulation, it may be helpful to have your Markiewicz & Co. adviser review your income and expenses, to help identify areas of inefficiency and wastage. If required, we can also assist you to develop a realistic budget based on your current financial position and your preferred lifestyle.

Controlling your tax liabilities

As tax is often an individual’s greatest expense, effective tax planning is an integral aspect of wealth planning. To help you best manage your tax liabilities, Markiewicz & Co. can provide you with access to specialists in taxation law or taxation accounting who fully understand the implications of relevant taxation laws and are fully conversant with ongoing changes in legislation.

These specialists can assist our clients manage a wide range of personal and corporate tax issues, which can become increasingly complex for individuals such as entrepreneurs, high-level executives and those with private or business interests that span different taxing authorities.

Structuring your wealth and income streams in accordance with your personal situation and future goals may also help you realise taxation savings or enable you to leverage the tax-effective nature of certain investments, such as superannuation.

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