Succession and estate planning

Passing on wealth to future generations

At Markiewicz & Co. we work with our clients to ensure that the wealth they create today continues to be protected and managed from one generation to the next.

Our personal succession planning service helps to ensure the orderly management and transmission of wealth, and enables you to utilise the value of your estate to provide for the future needs of your family and loved ones. In addition, depending on where you or your family members live, such planning may provide opportunities to reduce the effect of imposts such as Capital Gains Tax, Stamp Duty and other regulatory charges that may arise from such wealth transfers.

Planning beyond the Will

While an up-to-date Will is an important aspect of succession planning, Markiewicz & Co. can assist you with other issues such as the appointment of executors, nominating insurance and superannuation beneficiaries, and putting in place contractual arrangements including trusts and foundations, or asset protection measures such as prenuptial agreements.

When entrepreneurship has led to the establishment of a family business, it is also prudent to ensure that succession plans are continually reviewed and updated to reflect both changes in the business as well as changes within the family.

Do you have a personal succession plan in place?

Without effective succession and estate planning your loved ones may be left fighting over your wealth, or the proceeds of your estate may be unduly diminished through taxation and other regulatory charges. To find out more about effective succession and estate planning, talk to your Markiewicz & Co. advisor. Call us on 1300 276 112 or send an email.

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