Why Markiewicz & Co.

Investment and wealth management that’s focused on clients and goals

The Markiewicz & Co. philosophy is firmly based on providing individual solutions that are tailored to each client’s personal situation, and are structured to achieve specific financial goals.

We view our relationship with private clients as being that of trusted adviser. And the benchmark for our own success is to continue that relationship from one generation to the next.

We set our sights on the long-term, not the quick fix. Yet while we take a macro view of where the markets are heading, we take a micro view of each client’s portfolio, and are ready to act in a swift and timely manner when required.

Successful outcomes are based on foresight

Risk is no stranger to the investment landscape and becomes no more benign in hindsight.

For this reason, in a rapidly changing world, astute investment strategies must look forward and be informed by understanding the future impacts of current economic, social and political change. Our Nextrend approach provides insights into exciting future possibilities, helping us identify industry sectors, regions and companies that offer favourable risk to reward investment opportunities.

A constant pursuit of excellence

At Markiewicz & Co. we seek to attract the most talented people and work in close consultation with the best specialists in complementary professions such as law and accounting.

Our curiosity and enthusiasm fuels a genuine desire to go further in delivering client service and achieving excellence in investment returns. While at times we may hold strong opinions about certain investment options, we will never entertain the arrogance of making decisions on your behalf without prior consultation and consent.

As a private client of Markiewicz & Co. you will always be kept well informed about your investment portfolio performance, and have the assurance that your adviser is always available to discuss any issue of interest or concern.

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