Guiding principles

The principles that guide our business

Since our inception, Markiewicz & Co. has been guided by a set of clear principles that inform every decision and provide a solid framework for our client interactions. These principles cover our professional and personal conduct, and are based on an overriding belief that both the perception of trust and the experience of trust are fundamental for our growth and success.

Our commitment is to the long-term. That applies to our investment philosophy; client relationship philosophy; and our ‘where do we want to be in the future’ philosophy.

1. Our clients are our business
We genuinely believe that the only path for success is to constantly pursue the best interests of our clients.

2. Everything we do revolves around integrity and honesty
Only through an unfailing commitment to integrity and honesty can we gain and retain each client’s trust.

3. We have no time to sit on our laurels
Past success is in the past. Future success can only be achieved through constant endeavour, insightful perceptions and a willingness to be innovative.

4. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
We recognise that no one is the sole holder of the best idea or the ultimate truth. We value working as a team and the strength that brings to us as a group. Likewise, we form partnerships with professionals with complementary skills sets so that we can offer our clients access to be best people for every aspect of their financial life and wealth journey.

5. A changing world requires constant vigilance
We keep a constant watch on the macro trends and developments that shape global markets. When situations that require a rapid response arise, we will advise our clients regardless of the time of the day or night.

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