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Investing strategically across a wide range of financial products

Markiewicz & Co.’s wealth building investment strategies leverage the strength and performance of a wide range of investment products and services. Through diversification and constant monitoring of investment portfolios, we are able to assist our private clients to move their funds to products that are best suited to the prevailing economic conditions. The products and services we utilise include:

Equities We offer access to both domestic and international Equities markets, including direct investment in shares or through products such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), and assist you execute strategies such as short sale trading.

Options Markiewicz & Co. can assist you utilise Options trading across markets including equities and interest rates as well agricultural, energy and environmental markets. Correctly implemented, an Options trading strategy can help manage risk and assist you to achieve above average returns.

Futures Offering similar benefits to Options trading, Futures trading provides a mechanism for hedging the price volatility of an underlying stock. Markiewicz & Co. offers Futures trading across a wide range of trade indices, currencies, commodities and more.

Foreign Exchange The foreign exchange market is the largest and most liquid of the financial markets. The Markiewicz & Co. foreign exchange team can advise on, and execute a wide variety of trades such as cash transactions, forward transfers, FX swaps and warrants.

Fixed Interest Fixed interest products, such as term deposits, bank bills and government or corporate bonds, are an essential component of a diversified investment portfolio. Your Markiewicz & Co. adviser can assist you structure your fixed interest products to incorporate different timeframes and risk profiles.

Investment Funds Markiewicz & Co. provides access to selected funds that we have evaluated across a range of investment categories. Such funds are often an integral component of an investment portfolio as they offer access to diversified securities or strategies, with each fund being designed to achieve a specific financial and investment objective. This can further assist in balancing risk with returns.

Structured Products Markiewicz & Co. develops structured investment products that are tailored to meet the specific financial goals of our private clients, such as capital protection, income generation and so forth.

Margin Lending With a margin lending facility, Markiewicz & Co. private clients can unlock equity in their existing investment portfolio by borrowing against it to provide a line of credit for additional investment.

Intelligent and personalised wealth management

As a Markiewicz & Co. private client your assets and investment portfolio are continuously managed and overseen by experienced professionals with deep knowledge and understanding of highly effective investment methodologies.

Our approach is underscored by personalisation and customisation. We view our client relationships beyond the simple dimension of your capacity to invest. Our aim is to work with you as lifelong wealth builders and wealth custodians. To do this, we try to develop a holistic view of your situation so that the investment strategies we develop not only encompass your assets, income and financial goals, but also acknowledge your personal values. We engage regularly with our clients, and listen intently.

We believe in the value of taking a long view. Of looking to the future and seeing where the world is heading, rather than being fixated on the past and just relying on reworked old methodologies. We develop innovative wealth management products and firmly believe that there are as many opportunities in challenging economic times as there are during a boom. And we understand the value of investing in profitable organisations that are able to provide solutions to the sustainability challenges of the future.

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