Hedging asset price volatility through futures contracts

Markiewicz & Co.’s specialist futures brokers work with our private clients to leverage and trade a wide variety of commodities, trade indices, currencies and other financial products that are transacted on highly regulated and transparent global futures exchanges.

A futures contract creates an obligation to buy or sell an asset at a set future date, for a pre-agreed price. Offering similar benefits to options trading, futures trading provides a mechanism for hedging the price volatility of an underlying asset.

Markiewicz & Co. offers access to a wide range of futures markets, including:

  • Major trade indices (such as the SPI, Nikkei, FTSE and S&P500)
  • Currencies (AUD, EUR, JPY and more)
  • A diverse range of physical commodities (crude oil, wheat, soybeans, gold, copper)
  • Global interest rates

 Private clients have the choice of trading futures via an advanced online platform or direct trade through one of our experienced and accredited futures advisers.

Flexible and efficient clearing

Markiewicz & Co. is committed to ensuring that our clients’ funds are always kept safe. Our preferred clearing house partners are amongst the largest clearers on the Sydney Futures Exchange and other major global exchanges.

Access to high-level research

As with all Markiewicz & Co. investment services and products, our futures trading advice is informed by rigorous research resources and commentary that incorporates both technical and functional aspects of futures markets.

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