Fixed Interest

Establishing secure income streams with fixed interest products

The certainty of performance provided by fixed interest products, such as term deposits, bank bills and government or corporate bonds, make them an almost essential component of any diversified investment portfolio.

At Markiewicz & Co. we assist our private clients to structure a portfolio of fixed interest products whose timeframes and risk profiles match the objectives of their overall investment strategy.

In addition to advice and execution services for bank bills, debentures and bonds, we are able to secure competitive rates for our clients in the professional bond and money markets.

The following provides an overview of some of the fixed interest products we offer.

Term deposits provide competitive interest rates on a range of terms to suit your investment horizon and fixed income requirements.

Bank bills are available for investments of as little as $10,000 and offer the opportunity to be sold prior to maturity.

Government and corporate bonds offer investors access to a highly liquid, transparent market and provide reliable and safe income over the life of the investment.

Listed hybrid securities combine debt and equity characteristics, and offer the opportunity to achieve a higher yield. However, this benefit is accompanied by a greater element of risk than traditional fixed interest products.

Listed corporate debt securities usually offer an interest rate that’s higher than traditional term deposits and provide regular interest payments. While they may be redeemed before maturity, their early payment value depends on market conditions.

Your Markiewicz & Co. adviser can provide you more information about fixed interest products, and assist you in purchasing or trading them.

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