Tailored Investment Mandate

Access high-level expertise on a designated position or strategy

The Tailored Investment Mandate is designed for investors and traders who want to closely follow the market movements, and therefore the opportunities of, a single asset class or a strategy. 

Through the mandate you have access to an experienced Markiewicz & Co. investment adviser who provides you with investment advice on specific strategies and trade recommendations, based on your investment objective. Your adviser will analyse your trades; review and assess your investment goals and risks; and where appropriate, submit investment proposals for your consideration. Similarly, they will keep you aware of any potential portfolio or investment risks that may arise.

While you benefit from the guidance and ongoing research and analysis of our specialists, you make you own investment decisions at all times.

Tailored Investment Mandate overview

  • An experienced Markiewicz & Co. investment adviser carries out a detailed and comprehensive initial review of your trading history and then provides ongoing general advice and recommendations based on your trading mandate.
  • You are kept up to date on risks relating to your investment strategies and trades, as well as developments in financial markets that are relevant to the predefined criteria of your trading mandate.
  • All communication between you and Markiewicz & Co. is conducted through your adviser.
  • You make all final investment decisions.

For more information about the Tailored Investment Mandate, speak to your Markiewicz & Co. adviser or download the Markiewicz & Co. Investment Advisory brochure.

Harness the investment power of partnership

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