Investment Advisory Mandate

Assisting you in making your own investment decisions

The Investment Advisory Mandate offers professional support to investors who want to manage their own portfolios and make their own investment decisions. It provides you with access to Markiewicz & Co. research and analysis, as well as our investment team who provide guidance together with portfolio monitoring based on your risk profile.

The Investment Advisory Mandate is an ideal solution for investors who want to keep focussed on their investment goals by being kept up-to-date with market developments. They also benefit from being able to discuss and implement investment ideas with experienced investment professionals and receive expert assessments on their investment strategies.

The Investment Advisory Mandate allows you to seize opportunities to preserve and grow your wealth, and puts you in an informed position to act quickly and make timely decisions of your own.

Investment Advisory Mandate overview

  • When required, and according to your needs, you have access to the services of a professional and highly experienced investment adviser who acts as your investment partner.
  • Markiewicz & Co. will conduct an initial risk analysis and review of your portfolio accordingly. This will be reassessed regularly and where needed, we will recommend specific changes.
  • Similarly, within the parameters of your portfolio and investment strategy, your adviser will provide proactive advice to ensure you are in a position to make informed decisions about your portfolio. You also have ongoing access to Markiewicz & Co. analysis and research resources.
  • The service provides you with access to custom made investment solutions that match your financial objectives and priorities, and includes the wide range of asset classes and products offered by Markiewicz & Co. 
  • All final investment decisions are made by you.

For more information about the Investment Advisory Mandate, speak to your Markiewicz & Co. adviser or download the Markiewicz & Co. Investment Advisory brochure.

Harness the investment power of partnership

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