Equities trading backed by market expertise, experience and insights

Markiewicz & Co. offers advanced securities trading, advisory and execution services. We provide private clients with access to both domestic and international equities markets.

Our research services endeavour to uncover investment opportunities in new markets and industries, while also assisting us to understand and manage risk.

We are able to develop private client equity portfolios that match diverse investment needs and meet specific risk/return profiles.

Short-sale trading

Markiewicz & Co. has the capacity to borrow stock on behalf of private clients wishing to hedge or profit when the market for that stock is experiencing a decrease in its value. Such transactions are made on the basis that the investor will repurchase the stock at a later date, and then return it to Markiewicz & Co.

IPOs and secondary placements

From time to time, Markiewicz & Co. private clients are offered the opportunity to participate in pre-initial public offerings, initial public offerings (IPOs), secondary offerings and private placements made available from mandates established through our Corporate Advisory Services.


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