Discretionary Mandate

A jointly defined investment strategy, implemented by investment specialists

The Markiewicz & Co. Discretionary Mandate service is ideal for those who seek professional asset allocation and investment guidance however are too busy to monitor the markets; may not have the required level of expertise; or simply prefer a more hands-off approach.

With the Discretionary Mandate, we firstly develop a highly personal investment strategy based on your risk tolerance, lifestyle, cash flow requirements and future financial needs. Once this strategy has been agreed to, the Discretionary Mandate authorises us to manage your investments on your behalf, within the constraints that have been set at the inception of the mandate.

You may continue to be as closely involved as you choose, and can access daily updates of portfolio transactions and value. You will also receive ongoing comprehensive reports, while your adviser will regularly review the investment strategy to ensure it remains consistent with your personal situation and financial goals. Markiewicz & Co. make all the day-to-day investment decisions and execute trades on your behalf.

Discretionary Mandate Service overview

  • A comprehensive personal investment profile is developed by Markiewicz & Co., which forms the basis of all portfolio investment decisions.
  • Markiewicz & Co. carefully selects a range of different asset classes that are suited to your investment objectives. A team of experienced advisers are committed to delivering excellence in investment results.
  • By ensuring diversification amongst and within asset classes, and by subjecting your portfolio to constant monitoring, risk is reduced in terms of susceptibility to market fluctuations.
  • You have complete control of your portfolio at all times, however Markiewicz & Co. holds primary responsibility for managing its performance on the markets, making investment decisions and executing trades.
  • The Discretionary Mandate is highly flexible and can be set or cancelled at any time.
  • Daily transaction updates and clear reports keep you up-to-date with your portfolio at all times.

For more information about the Discretionary Mandate, speak to your Markiewicz & Co. adviser or download the Markiewicz & Co. Investment Advisory brochure.

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