Margin Lending

Unlocking the equity in your portfolio through margin lending

With a margin lending facility, Markiewicz & Co. private clients can unlock equity in their existing investment portfolio by borrowing against it to provide a line of credit for additional investment.

By enabling you to grow and diversify your portfolio, margin lending allows you to potentially increase your dividend earnings and any associated franking credits. In many cases, margin lending is also a tax-effective investment strategy. At the same time, margin lending exposes you to risks such as the need to provide additional collateral if your portfolio decreases, or that rising interest rates may exceed the value of your dividends.

While margin lending offers certain advantages as part of a wider investment strategy, it is not suitable to everyone. Your Markiewicz & Co. adviser can help you assess your current portfolio value and determine whether your current income, expenses, assets and liabilities make margin lending a viable consideration.

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