Investing with foresight through critical research analysis

Markiewicz & Co. is committed to achieving excellence in investment results for our private clients. This can only be accomplished through a critical examination of rigorous research to identify the best investment opportunities.

Our advisers and analysts garner research from some of the world’s leading research providers, providing us with timely and in-depth analysis of asset classes, companies, industries, markets and the world’s economies. Traditionally, such research is used to identify and manage risk; optimise portfolio performance and trading revenues; and reduce the cost of unfavourable market developments. At Markiewicz & Co. we go further by cutting through the data clutter that research produces, to identify the tipping points or catalysts that will shape tomorrow’s market and provide a first mover advantage.

Markiewicz & Co. private clients are able to access our research library resources and knowledge base, to help inform their own investment decisions and strategies. Our experience shows that investing with foresight is the key to superior returns.

Understanding the challenges of change

Our Nextrend research framework has been specifically developed to assist us understand the opportunities that arise from the constant innovation and transformation that defines our rapidly changing world.

The Nextrend methodology reflects the way we combine research with innovative thinking. We are constantly looking behind the research to see what the market is missing and to identify the trends that will shape industries, regions and asset classes. We use such research to stay ahead of the curve; to reveal fresh perspectives and promising new investment opportunities.

For more information about Nextrend download the brochure, or reading the Nextrend pages.

The impact of innovation and technology

Understanding emerging trends in innovation and technology, and their potential impacts on industries and sectors, is an important for successful long-term investment. For example, in a rapidly changing world, industries and companies that are unable to adapt to a digital age and the influence of social networks, run the risk of irrelevance and extinction.

At Markiewicz & Co. we utilise our research into technology and other future trends to avoid investing in companies or sectors that may suffer this fate.

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