Green Portfolio

Innovative climate-friendly investment solutions

Environmental sustainability has become an ever-greater part of our everyday lives. From the small efforts such as sorting our household rubbish into landfill waste and recyclable products, or collecting office paper and consumables such as printer cartridges through to buying white goods based on their energy ratings, or building new homes with solar panels and rainwater tanks – sustainability is an integral factor in our decision making.

Markiewicz & Co. now extends this option to investors through a dedicated Green Portfolio service, which provides the dual benefit of providing you with a return on investment as well as achieving reductions in CO2 emissions. Green Portfolio investors receive a regular emissions report and can also obtain emissions reductions certificates.

The Green Portfolio service actively seeks opportunities to invest in sustainable, climate-friendly projects such as reforestation, the development of clean energy sources and technologies, and other low carbon investment opportunities.

Whether you wish to direct all your investments toward a Green Portfolio, or simply add balance and diversity to a more traditional portfolio, your Markiewicz & Co. adviser can assist you achieve your investing as well as your sustainability aims.

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