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Investment advice that reflects your needs and wants

Our Investment Advisory service provides Markiewicz & Co. private clients with access to the in-depth, high quality advice of our financial and investment specialists, as well as our research and analytical resources. Each investment portfolio is regularly monitored to minimise risk and to ensure that it continues to be aligned with its key financial objectives.

The service offers advice that is unbiased and objective, and the recommendations and guidance offered are based on a comprehensive understanding of your financial goals and priorities. In every respect, the Markiewicz & Co. Investment Advisory reflects our passion for delivering excellence in investment results to our clients.

Your choose the level of support

The Markiewicz & Co. Investment Advisory is offered at three different levels, allowing you to decide how much control and involvement you want in your portfolio’s investment decisions.

1. Investment Advisory Mandate

The Investment Advisory Mandate suits individuals who want comprehensive investment advice but prefer to make their own investment decisions. It supports you with ongoing proactive market recommendations and access to a specialist adviser who also provides regular risk and portfolio monitoring. Find out more

2. Tailored Investment Mandate

The Tailored Investment Mandate enables you to access systematic monitoring of a specific trading position or strategy based on predefined guidelines, such as focussing on one particular asset class. Your Markiewicz & Co. adviser provides you with recommendations and access to research, however you make your own investment decisions. Find out more

3. Discretionary Mandate

With a Discretionary Mandate, you authorise us to manage your investments on your behalf, according to limitations that are agreed to at the inception of the mandate. With such a mandate, Markiewicz & Co. holds the responsibility to evaluate investment opportunities and investment decisions on your behalf. Find out more

Harness the investment power of partnership

To find out how a Markiewicz & Co. Investment Advisory mandate can help you achieve your investment objectives, call us on 1300 276 112 or send an email.

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