Building wealth with property

Property is one the most popular investment asset classes, providing opportunities for long-term capital growth as well as possible taxation benefits through strategies such as negative gearing. Due to its conservative characteristics as an investment strategy, as well as the generally robust nature of the Australian property market, property often carries a significant weighting in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds.

However, in an era when year-on-year capital growth is no longer assured, new strategies are required to maximise the full potential of property investment. Positive gearing enables greater influence and with property in many areas globally (as well as locally) experiencing sharp corrections and devaluations, there are many interesting opportunities for astute investors to benefit from purchasing distressed property at wholesale prices.

To assist our private clients maximise the benefits of investing in property, Markiewicz & Co. has developed full service property referral arrangements with external property specialists. These specialists have a comprehensive understanding of the global property market and have access to a consistent flow of discounted properties, as well as other carefully researched property investment opportunities.

By drawing on the expertise of our property partners, we can develop a tailored property investment strategy that will help you work toward your wealth-building goals.

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