Wealth Portfolios

Strengthening your asset management with a tailored wealth portfolio

Optimising the performance of your investment portfolio can be a time consuming and complex task. Markets move rapidly and new investment products are constantly emerging. Similarly, short-term strategies and reactive trading do not create a sound foundation for long-term growth and wealth accumulation.

To assist private clients work toward achieving their financial objectives, Markiewicz & Co. designs personalised wealth portfolios, covering four core investment strategies (listed below). The composition of each portfolio, together with its accompanying investment strategy is developed by your adviser based on a thorough understanding of your financial objectives, personal and family situation, values and ethical concerns, as well as your investment horizon and risk tolerance.

Conservative wealth portfolio
The Markiewicz & Co. conservative investment strategy aims to provide consistent returns through interest and dividend yields. This strategy is suited for clients with a medium-term investment horizon, who are more concerned with achieving incremental growth in their assets, and moderating risk.

Balanced wealth portfolio
Treading a middle path between risk and return, a balanced investment strategy is based on a medium to long-term investment horizon and combines steady returns from interest and dividend yields with long-term asset growth through capital gains. Medium asset fluctuations can be anticipated.

Assertive wealth portfolio
A Markiewicz & Co. assertive investment strategy is centred on a growth-orientated portfolio where there may be greater fluctuations in asset value than with a conservative or balanced approach. Suited for investors with a long-term investment horizon, this strategy is characterised by consistent returns from interest and dividend yields, and considerable, directed asset growth through capital gains.

Aggressive wealth portfolio
An aggressive investment strategy is solely focussed on achieving considerable asset growth through capital gains. Such a strategy might be considered by investors with a short-term investment horizon who are willing to accept the greater asset fluctuation risks of a growth-orientated portfolio that enables them to take advantage of special situations in the market.

Special wealth portfolios
If your investment objectives can’t be met by one of the above strategies, or a combined solution, your Markiewicz & Co. adviser can tailor an approach that will meet your financial goals and takes into account your personal situation. Special wealth portfolios can be developed to exclude certain asset classes or markets, or to follow particular investment guidelines or achieve individual benchmarks.

Optimise the performance of your portfolio

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