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The growing shortage of our planet’s ecological resources is undoubtedly one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. From the broader concerns of climate change and global warming through to specific issues such as food security, poverty and the growing scarcity of water, energy and arable land, there are many disruptive threats facing our planet.

Markiewicz & Co. Nextrend Planet examines opportunities for achieving sustainable and profitable investment in a better world. It also addresses the needs of many clients who wish to invest in companies that create both shareholder value and social value.

Opportunities in water security

It is estimated that over 80% of the world’s population is exposed to a high-level water security threat, including a lack of access to clean drinking water. Similarly, insufficient water for food production, and the impact on a myriad of life forms due to the impairment of river systems and other water-dependent ecosystems, will increase the demand for solution to water scarcity.

Looking forward, there will be vast opportunities for organisations that are developing technologies and innovations that will increase supplies of fresh water (for example desalination or water recycling), as well as those that increase water efficiency and reduce demand (such as enhanced infrastructures or improvements in industrial and agricultural water management).

The world’s energy transition

While the economic growth of emerging economies is increasing the demand for energy and the consumption of fossil fuels, there is a parallel demand in many developed economies for clean energy sources and technologies.

This global transition in the energy sector continues to open up a whole new field of investment opportunities.

Global agriculture

With the world population expected to exceed 9 billion people by 2025, it is estimated that global agriculture needs to increase its output by 70% to ensure a secure food future. In turn, this presents significant investment opportunities across numerous agriculture-related industries ranging from seed producers and grain handlers, through to growers and producers of raw materials as well as manufacturers, processors, distributors and retailers.

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