Wealth building

Creating long-term financial security

The Markiewicz & Co. approach to building wealth and financial security is based on looking ahead and understanding how the world is changing, rather than looking back and being content with what has worked in the past.

Our Nextrend research approach has been developed to help us build the right investment portfolios for our clients. Nextrend helps us understand the threats and opportunities that arise in a rapidly changing world characterised by constant innovation and transformation. It helps us identify how adversity can be turned into opportunity or recognise the next big area of growth. It allows us to stay ahead of the wave and provide our clients with the financial edge that results from investing with insight and foresight.

Each client is the same, but very different

While our clients share similar goals of protecting and growing their wealth, we provide each client with a tailored solution, rather than an off-the-shelf product. Your life stage, long (or short) term goals, attitudes toward risk, personal values and family structure are just some of the factors that we consider when developing a customised approach to meets your needs.

Agile and responsive

We develop diversified portfolios for our clients, where investments are spread across a range of asset classes. Just as importantly, because we are extremely active in our investment approach, we are able to move to cash very quickly when required (such as when an index drops below its long-term moving average). This agility and responsiveness provides an extra level of protection when markets are volatile.

Like to know more about investing with Markiewicz & Co?

The Markiewicz & Co. Investment Advisory enables you to invest with insight and foresight, and to choose the level of involvement you want in day-to-day investment decision-making.

To find out more, read the Investment Advisory section, or contact an advisor by calling us on 1300 276 112 or send us an email.

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