Using your wealth to build a legacy or transform the lives of others

Many Markiewicz & Co. clients choose to direct a portion of their wealth toward philanthropic causes, ranging from social welfare and scientific organisations through to cultural, artistic and community groups. Some choose to leave a bequest to one or more charities in their Will, while others choose more direct involvement with an organisation during their lifetime. Similarly, there are those who prefer to support an organisation anonymously, and those who wish their involvement to be publicly visible.

Markiewicz & Co. has experience in assisting clients to incorporate their philanthropic endeavours into their wealth management plan, so that they achieve their estate planning objectives while also realising the greatest benefit for both the donor and the beneficiary.

Establishing a foundation or a trust

Traditionally, many donors have provided posthumous support to community organisations by way of bequests or establishing trusts through their Will. However, legislative changes now enable you to witness your legacy at work during your lifetime, by creating a charitable trust established through a Private Ancillary Fund (PAF) structure.

When correctly set-up and administered, a PAF may provide you with a tax deduction for the funds you allocate to the trust, while the trust’s earnings may be exempt from income tax. This in turn, may provide significant estate planning benefits.

Your Markiewicz & Co. adviser, in collaboration with legal professionals specialising in the laws governing charitable trusts, can help you determine the suitability of such a structure for your philanthropic goals and then help you with its establishment and administration. Should you desire, we can act as trustee and manage the investment of the funds it holds.

Helping you build wealth for your community

At Markiewicz & Co. we assist our clients to not only build wealth for themselves, but also to help others in their community. To find out more about our philanthropy services, please call us on 1300 276 112 or send an email.

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