The five steps of equity investment

A rigorous and systematic approach

The Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners approach to equity investment is rigorous and systematic, and adheres to the following five step approach:

1. Sourcing an opportunity
Any prospective start-up that meets Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners investment criteria is fully evaluated to determine its investment potential.

2. Developing the business plan and model
Once the potential has been evaluated and the decision to provide private equity funding agreed to, a comprehensive business plan and model are established. This step includes the preparation of thorough financial models; the planning of all investment and presentation materials; and the development of a detailed marketing plan.

3. Preparing for launch phase
In preparation for the launch phase, our focus is on the management team. We recruit an knowledgeable and versatile team with entrepreneurial experience to supplement the founders’ capabilities, and ensure the integration of the team as well the systematic execution of the business plan. We monitor progress day-to-day and maintain constant oversight through reporting from the management team.

4. Proving, testing and evaluating
We conduct validation of the product or service through processes such as beta testing or proof of concept, and then according to the results, validate or refine the projections and models we have developed. At this stage we are ready to present the opportunity for outside investment.

5. Preparing and securing private and institutional funding
The Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners team identifies and introduces potential funding sources; leads negotiations; and secures investments with the best investors for the company.


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