Investment strategy

Moving from inception through to profitability and value creation

The Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners investment strategy is based on leveraging the favourable risk to reward dynamics that exist for early-stage investment.

The companies that are best placed to maximise such an investment return are those that combine a great idea with a solid business model that demonstrates the potential of achieving exponential returns. By providing such companies with a comprehensive support package of funding together with expertise in areas such as planning, execution and financial management, the opportunities for success are greatly enhanced.

Through becoming involved at the start-up stage, less capital commitment is required and a higher (and more meaningful) percentage of ownership can be achieved. Nevertheless, successful returns from such companies usually require a longer-term investment horizon, as well as patience, during the period from inception to profitability and value creation.

In keeping with the partnership nature of such investments, Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners continues to provide the management and functional support required by our portfolio companies.


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