Our capabilities and approach

Providing more than just financial investment

Markiewicz & Co. Capital Partners works in true partnership with the companies we fund. We offer a hands-on approach to supporting the founders and management team, and make sure that the right business structure and expertise are in place – both of which are critical at the inception phase.

Our involvement extends to the development of business plans, marketing strategies, financial modelling, recruiting and developing appropriate compensation plans. We immerse ourselves in the day-to-day operations and where appropriate help source complementary skills to strengthen those of the management team.

By employing rigorous selection criteria, then providing the resources required for development and growth, Markiewicz & Co. seeks to unlock the value of promising new businesses, and to nurture them through growth and expansion. Through ensuring that the foundations of a new enterprise are sound, the likelihood of success and strong growth are enhanced, leading to greater value creation for investors.


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