The macro view

Leveraging the long-term economic forces and trends behind the market

Markiewicz & Co.’s strategic approach to investment is to look to the future as well as the long-term. By critically examining the underlying economic data and cutting through vast amount of financial information ‘clutter’, we try to develop a better understanding of the broad trends that shape the market’s future direction.

Taking this macro view enables us to see where there is disparity between the economic data and the current market, which then helps us identity timely trading opportunities. Similarly by taking such an all-encompassing view, we are better able to anticipate the next moves of the large market players that effectively pull global economic levers (such as governments or organisations like hedge funds) and try to foresee where the market is heading.

These insights bring to light the contradictions between the real world situation and the market (which often lags behind) and form the basis for long-term investment decisions that leverage the favourable risk to reward opportunities that are presented when taking an early position in a trending market. Regardless of the current economic conditions, macro view investment strategies uncover salient opportunities, even in times of great adversity.

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